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About Gamers-Desire


So whats all this about? What is Gamers-Desire?


Gamers-Desire started off as a small network of websites dedicated to provide you, the fans and fellow modders out there, all the information and custom files for all your favorite mods...


It all started when ESF-Word was still run by Max2 and DJ-Ready together. Our sponsor at that time kept getting worse in terms of bandwidth and other restrictions. At some point Max2 left the project for personal reasons and so SKizer and Ready ventured into the unknown and continued ESF-World without any sponsorship and started Gamers-Desire.


Admittedly it never really took off and we were always stuck with ESF-World as the sole public network website. Even though there were sister sites such as TS-World and NS-World (The Specialists and Natural Selection), those were, even though technically complete, never made public due to a lack of content and/or staff members to maintain such a website.


But this time with version 7 of the website its all different. This time its all built to be modular and extend-able as possible.

And of course all the precious custom files are still in place waiting for you to download and use them!

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Serving the community with currently 811 downloads in 106 categories. To date, these have been downloaded 347849 times.

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