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Welcome back to Gamers-Desire / ESF-World!

Yes, we're back!

We may have been down, but not deleted.

Yeah, it's been a little while since we last maintained the ESF-World website but at long last, we're back online, and amazingly, we pretty much didn't lose any old files while the site was gone!

So, with ESF Final finally (hah!) nearing completion, we thought this would be a good time to bring ESF-World back online. Especially since there still seems to be a smaller than before but still very dedicated playerbase for ESF 1.2.3. Custom files are still being released on a regular basis and there is no end in sight! So why not try out some of the old ones for a change? Or if you're one of the awesome people still modding ESF, why not upload your creations here so we'll have a central place for everything ESF related once again!

With that said, welcome to ESF-World version 8!

 - The ESF-World team