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This pack was made as a custom model set for ESF. We have done everything from new models, new maps, and even went as far as sprites and changing the character select screen.
Added 07.Sep.09
9.99 MB
From my currently Informations i can tell you that Brolly wont be included as his own character in ESFb 1.3 so you'll have to replace another model with this. And It will be released before esfb 1.3
Added 07.Sep.09
1.66 MB
this the only bardock pack ever made for esf here there is a very complete pack for bardock (sound, vgui, sel-sprites, and mp3 from bardock movie) these models needed a lot of time
Added 07.Sep.09
3.9 MB
Creator: ESF Team , Bryggz
Added 07.Sep.09
534.17 KB
This is a New Transformation Sound.
Added 07.Sep.09
409.36 KB
Vegeta transformationsound
Added 07.Sep.09
1.55 MB