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nuttzy: this model is full open to the public to edit/reskin/convert to any character of thier choice etc, as long as proper credit is given
Added 07.Sep.09
1.19 MB
Author: Nuttzy converted by 1R0N E4GL3
Added 07.Sep.09
618.58 KB
nuttzy: inctura is a FAKE character made up by davidskiwan for his DB:NG manga,
Added 07.Sep.09
475.55 KB
Author: Nuttzy , shjing
Added 07.Sep.09
713.13 KB
Nuttzy , Shjing and ??? ( sorry i forgot your name contact me via icq again ^^ )
Added 07.Sep.09
932.38 KB
These are the orginal ESF Beta 1.2.x models
Added 07.Sep.09
1.73 MB