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This is my Big Bang sprite for vegeta. I made it from this sun tutorial and i thought it was cool. Looks pretty good in game, very bright ...
Added 07.Sep.09
1.6 MB
A simple redo of the orginal sbc. Looks better than the default sprite. Higher Quality. Simple Gradients, custom charge sprite.
Added 07.Sep.09
215.9 KB
Standard gradients, but with a static, lightning sort of effect. A bit over the top, but some people may like them reguardless they look a bit smoother than my bubble pack
Added 07.Sep.09
612.53 KB
Author: ESF Team , ZeroNightmare Earth Special Forces "Bubble" Explosion Sprites. Simple gradient dome shaped explosion sprites. all colors.
Added 07.Sep.09
493.83 KB
[TMX] Target Packk
Added 07.Sep.09
96.96 KB
A Red Galleck gun sprite. With a thicker beam WOOT! Lightning Charge, Lightning beam end.
Added 07.Sep.09
1.12 MB
Thats Deathball sprite.was just screwing with some effects, wanted a fiery effect... eh I thought it looked kinda cool as it was, figured, i'd release this before I butchered it.
Added 07.Sep.09
233.83 KB