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File details: Inuyasha - Aura/Powerup Waterpack
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
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This was actually made by -[-1-]- and Zealot not long after esf 1.2 had been released (about 2 months after 1.2 came out).
They never released this, but since I like it so much, I decided to release it for them, since they stopped playing esf.
This gives you a blue aura for all characters, and a recharge according to the characters and/or transformation.
The Recharge forms a sphere and it looks like lightning is surrounding you.
Super Saiyans still have gold auras.
Simply extract the .rar file and then take the two folders inside the waterpack folder and put the folders in your esf folder.
Then your done and enjoy!
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