Downoads - ESF Version Beta 1.2.x
File details: ESF Beta 1.2.1 (Win Server Patch from 1.2)
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
13.36 MB
- Bots included in the main esf code
- Fmod linked from the cl_dlls dir, hopefully fixing installation problems
- Increased throwing speed
- Increased PL increase in melee
- Made powerlevel catchup depend on average potential pl, instead of just average pl
- Power level damage tweaks
- Esf_giant_forest map added
Bug fixes:
- Missing prepunched animation added
- Destructo Disc no longer Forms in Chest when running
- Melee sounds work near walls now
- Throwing resistance miscalculations fixed
- ESF_canyon entities made solid
- Bots won't become invisible while melee'ing now
- Fixed fat buu's backward swim animation
- You won't get dropped from flight when attacked with another beam during a block struggle
- Fixed a bug with the last few melee arrows not going green/red or fade away.
- Included the telekinesis in Frieza's class text
- Moved the death messages text down a bit in spectator mode, so it's readable
- The generic beam now won't charge at double speed when you hold both mouse buttons
- You can't play as spectator anymore
- "Thud" sound is no longer made after gibbed player (invisible) hits ground
- Fixed a bug creating duplicate bodyslices
- Sword animation fix for Trunks's sword
- The pause server command is now disabled by default
- Fixed health fuck up when changing team, real team mode
- Blocking fov now moves with looking up/down
- Firstperson is now forced during melee battles, so the screen doesn't fuck up
- You're no longer able to change teams during Advanced Melee and Throw
- Fixed an exploit overruling the character limit
- Spectator view origin and angles in melee fixed
- Attack charges no longer double up
- Prepunch crashing bug fixed
- Fixed blocking diagonals with the wrong buttons
- Skill and bot number settings now correctly affect bot startup
- Fixed a bug booting clients from every server with a name > 32 characters
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