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File details: ESF Beta 1.2.3 - current version
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 22.Dec.09
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# Earth Special Forces , also known as ESF, its a half-life modification based on the hit anime series, Dragonball Z. The mod includes nine of your favorite characters who are able to duke it out using numerous beam attacks as well as close hand to hand combat. ESF mixes both elements to bring players intense fast paced with a twist of strategy. Each character is geared towards a different style of play. Some are meant to mainly use energy attacks, while others have the advantage in melee fights, no matter what style of fighting you like to use, esf has a way to accommodate you.
Earth Special Forces has been in the making for the better part longer then 5 years. The team continuously tries to push the half-life engine to it's limits in order to produce the most playable accurate Dragonball Z game around.
# Fight with other with melee (hand to hand combat)
# Fire energy blasts such as the Kamehameha-wave
# Teleport, to go to a place faster
# Swoop to fly faster to a location or person
# Radar to see for close enemies, or to look at your enemies and allies power level
# Able to transform, like transforming into a super saiyan
# Blocking, block incoming energy attacks or melee attacks
# Increase your power level to be stronger, to fire more powerful attacks and to transform
# Create bots that comes with the game to train against them
# And so much more!
Extra Additions:
# New Sprites, Models, and More:
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