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File details: GodGundam & Kama - Brolly Pack
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
9.99 MB
This pack was made as a custom model set for ESF. We have done everything from new models, new maps, and even went as far as
sprites and changing the character select screen. The creators and I would like to thank the ESF community for supporting us and keeping us
interested long enough to do this pack for you. I hope you all enjoy it.
To Install all you need to do is extract the the zip into your steamhalf-life folder. It should go and replace all the nessessary files in order for you to play with the model.
Models: GodGundam
Skins: Kama
Sounds: Kama
Animations: GodGundam
DarkTooth - Run and walk animations
Maps: Cold Steel
Sprites: King Vegeta
Special thanks to Davidskiwan for drawovers when asked for them, Max2 for the preview video he made for us, Almighty_Gir for being there at the last moment when he was most needed, all of our testers, Mastasurf for his help, and Mantis for all his annoying but true crits.
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