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File details: ESF-World Modelpack 1.0
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
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Our ESF World Modelpack!
--- ESF World ESF/EVM Modelpack 1.0 ---
- Exclusively for -
- Cell: Mr.Smo, edits by DJ-Ready, rigging by Darkone
- Buu: Model by Tw33k, Skin by Chireru, edits by MSF, Evil Buu Mdl edit by MSF, skin edit by DJ-Ready
- Frieza: New Models by Kreshi, ESF Frieza edits by Sephiroth Nightmare & Nataku
- Gohan: Kreshi, edits by DJ-Ready & MSF
- Gohan (additional): Kreshis Gohan & Goku merge by MSF
- Goku: Kreshi, edits by DJ-Ready
- Goku (additional): NeD, rigging by Element4q2, edits by DJ-Ready & MSF
- Krillin: Chibi body by GodGundam & Kama, rigging by Sephiroth Nightmare, adult Krillin & edits by CrackerJack
- Vegeta: Super Vegetto, special improved version, edits by DJ-Ready & Sephiroth Nightmare, meshfixes afterwards by MSF
- Piccolo: Chireru, edits by MSF
- Trunks: Head by NeD, Body by ESF Team, edited by Darklink & DJ-Ready
- Trunks (additional): Ned, edits by MSF & DJ-Ready
- Vegetto: Super Vegetto, edits by DJ-Ready & MSF
- Dragonballs & Shenlong: Vassago
We hope you enjoy this pack and we are sorry for the long waiting period. Even though it might not seem so but it was actually alot of work to create this pack.
At least it's finally out right? :D
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