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File details: BlueSaiyan Pprite Pack
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
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Hello, & welcom to the first sprite pack v0.1. We have now added scouter display sprites for a quality touch. BlueSaiyan made a
new spiritbomb sprite that is WAY better than the original, also incorperated a budaki 2 special beam cannon, and a sweet gallit gun
aura. There will be more packs like this with more features deppending on popular demand & what we think will add to quality!
Note: BlueSaiyan put this little treat together, Thx, but I was a tard and forgot where I put his Info.txt so this will have to do for now.
I will get the info asap, by whitch time it most likely be added to depending on your rating 1-10, or w/e, just e-mail us at:
BlueSaiyan , : "also an msn addy"
Lamron333 , : "also an msn addy"
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