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File details: SDBZ Map-Pack
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
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Includes underwater cave, namek landscape, flying freeza's space ship; has 2 working heal pods, and is 2 stories high. no elevators or ladders, use the gravity shafts to go to a different level. to go up a level simply enter a shaft and jump. to go down a shaft, jump down into the shaft.
Disclaimer: The crumbling building was made well before Sept. 11, my apologies to anybody offended, its in no way to mimic the WTC, its in fact made to mimic the scene where ssj4 Gogeta is thrown into a building by Li-Shanlong.
Map includes, capsule corp, flying gravity chamber, working monorail, and cityscape. to work monorail, use elevator in corner building to go to rail station, the monorail ill thus be triggered.
Includes destructible terrain such as a destroyable arena, mountains, and army vehicles.
Includes Kame's lookout, Corin's tower, earth's surface, and Completely working hyperbolic Time chamber.
Includes huge dragon Shenlong, takes minutes to walk hil length. he breathes smoke and has animated features. Try to enter his mouth an you reap the consequences :)
Includes King Kai's planet, snake way, earth surface with working sayian space pod, and 2 crater spots. Dr. Gero's underground lab, with teleporter, depending on where u stand, you will teleport to different area of the map.
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