Downoads - ESF Version Beta 1.3 (Open Beta)
File details: ESF Openbeta 2-18-07
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
259.99 MB
New features
- Class images in scouter stats for all classes
- New Steam background image
- Scouter is now on by default
- Rudimentary body change implementation
- Powerstruggle speeds up every 20 seconds and overpower boundaries get tighter
Fixed bugs
- Fixed "Scouter stats don't show in 640x480" bug
- Fixed "Light emitting from power up stays on ground upon descending" bug
- Fixed "Character selection camera view does not focus right if the model is bigger then the default model" bug (Look at notes at the bottom of the bug submission page to see how to fix for your own custom models)
- Fixed "When you choose a custom model then teleport the original model image will appear not the image of the custom model" bug
- Fixed "Character screen doesnt disapear" bug
- Fixed "Able to charge swoop upon block struggling" bug
- Fixed "Buddy change bug :: Keeping aura color when changing buddy's" bug
- Fixed "Recoome's red powerup aura changes to white when you switch into him" bug
- Fixed "Suicide by Gen Ball causes delay/non-play of death animation" bug
- Fixed "Goku loses his "block" Animation" bug
- Changed Cpt. Ginyu to Ginyu Force on class select and scoreboard
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