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Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
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TEEN GOHAN RELEASED FOR ESF 1.2 (Second Release) - By Super Vegetto
Second release of my Teen Gohan, this time includes a SSJ2 form model.
You can find that I have improved a few things such as the textures and a few model issues, but most noticeable are the animations, features like animated clothes and hair.
Oh and...same rutine, please do not edit, clone or rip the model/skinmap/skin/skeleton/animations/sounds.
They were all made with alot of effort so please respect that.
If you want to reskin the model, please contact me before you do. ;)
Model/Skin - Super Vegetto
New Animations - Super Vegetto
Skeleton/Original Animations - ESF Team/Darktooth
Rigging/Assigning to Skeleton - TheMuffinMan (:D once again you save my butt)
New Bones - Super Vegetto
Also thanks to Kenny-DK for helping me around with testing and animations ;3
SSJ2 Gohan
SSJ2 Hair model - DarkSniper/Mr. Phonso (thanks a lot for letting me use your awesome hair model =D could not have done a better job myself)
New Animations - Super Vegetto (a few completly different ones from the normal and SSJ forms, hope you like em' ^_^)
Enjoy! ;3
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