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File details: SV - Teen Future Trunks
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
1.28 MB
Teen Future Trunks - ESF 1.3 Feb 22
Model - SV
Skin - SV
Skeleton & Animations - DarktoothDKD
Custom Animations - SV
Made this model a while ago but only recently finished the SSJ form and now I'm releasing it especially for 1.3 :)
I dont appreciate ripping/editing much but if you want to edit this model/skin, contact me first. ;)
How to install?
All you need to do is place the "models" folder in your esf_openbeta folder and thats it! the folder includes the two custom Teen Trunks models together with the XML file, it's important that you use that folder.
You can now select your custom model in the 1.3 Character Selection menu for Trunks, enjoy ;)
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