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File details: SV - Mystic Gohan
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
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Mystic Gohan - ESF 1.3 - March 01
Model - GodGundam & SV
Skin - Kama
Edits: SV
Skeleton & Animations - DarktoothDKD
Custom Animations - SV
How to install?
Well, since Gohan has only 2 transformations in ESF 1.3, I decided to release this Mystic form seperatly so you guys can choose which form it should replace.
The installation is a bit different than all the other customs so make sure you pay attention to all steps:
1. This RAR file contains only one single Gohan model, unpack it to where ever you want.
2. Make sure you know exactly which form of Gohan you want it to replace, Normal, SSJ or SSJ2. Once you got that figured out, rename the MysticGohan.mdl file into which ever form you're replacing it, for example, you want it to replace the SSJ2 form, you rename it exactly to the same name the original file has it. From the files I released it should be 'Ssj2Gohan.mdl'
3. Now all you have to do is to do is place the renamed Mystic model in the folder of Gohan that includes the custom models and the XML file, and it's very important that you dont get confused.
It should be in one of the three folders that are called 'AdultGohan1,2,3'
BUT, before you replace the files make sure that you have backup of the original file, I would suggest renaming the original before replacing, that way you can change the file names every time that you want to use a certain model.
Again, it's very important that you do exactly as it says in those steps so you wont mess something up by mistake.
You can now select your custom model in the 1.3 Character Selection menu for Gohan, enjoy ;)
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