Downoads - ESF Version Beta 1.3 (Open Beta)
File details: ESF Openbeta Patch 3-18-07
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
9.17 MB
New features:
- Enabled Android 18's dead and pain sounds
- Old style vgui images for ginyu force and a18
- Steam menu icon+team name
- Attack select sprites for purple ball and body change
- Added sounds for kiblob explosion and ps pump
Bug fixes:
- Fixed title above A18 in old style menu, changed ginyu title into 'Ginyu Force'
- Fixed up the loading screen to the new bg image
- Fixed the respawn when being killed as a frog, now you will respawn as ginyu, this fixes several bugs
- Fixed "Having Ginyu as buddy while being Guldo :: Aiming Direction Incorrect" bug
- Fixed "Vegeta's Renzoku bounces when standing and aiming on the ground." bug
- Fixed "You can't dash/teleport for about 5-10 seconds if you were solar flared while changing character" bug
- Fixed "Sensu bean counts stay the same when switching servers" bug
- Fixed "CT bars stays full after changing characters" bug
- Fixed "You gain pl from hurting your buddy" bug
- Fixed "Persistant aura color on bodychange" bug
- Fixed "PL gain stats not transferred on body change" bug
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