Downoads - ESF Version Beta 1.3 (Open Beta)
File details: ESF Openbeta 9-04-07
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
262.77 MB
New features
- You respawn as your old class when you die while bodychanged
- Now spawning frog-inside-ginyus-body when bodychange fails
- The frog can (wall)jump (again?) now
- Cant switch with the buddy while being a frog now
Bug fixes
- Fixed "red CF bar no longer fills" bug
- Fixed "Permanent Body Change" bug
- Fixed "Pumping PS Ball Always Travels in Straight Line" bug
- Fixed "Bodychange from frog does not lift frog-like movement restrictions" bug
- Fixed "PS origin point moves .. stuff. blah" bug
- Fixed "Crash with ginyu Frog when blocking an energy attack" bug
- Fixed crashing bug with kiblob
- Fixed potential crash bug at startup
You can consider this as an Easter Release, have fun!
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