Downoads - ESF Version Beta 1.3 (Open Beta)
File details: ESF Openbeta Patch 30-09-07
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
5 MB
If you got the 9/9/07 client, download this patch, otherwise download the full client!
# New features
- Vaporizing smaller attacks now makes a beam weaker
- If you have a buddy and you die, you now change into that buddy
- PS swatting
# Bug fixes
- Fixed potential crash bug for destructodisc leaving the map
- Fixed potential crash bug for exploding ps with ps charge balls on it
- Fixed *Kame + two gen beams = crash* bug
- Fixed *If you get knockbacked by simple melee and fall to the ground you cant move* bug
- Fixed *Deing after being swapped and then swapping back makes you unable to respawn* bug
- Fixed *moving buddy while powering up* bug
- Fixed *Disconnecting from an undisconectable ps causes crash* bug
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