Downoads - ESF Version Beta 1.3 (Open Beta)
File details: ESF Openbeta 1.3 FINAL
Added: 07.Sep.2009
Updated: 07.Sep.09
281.45 MB
This is the final Open Beta Release that will be published to the public. This of course doesn't mean this is really the final version of the whole modification. It simple means that the public Open Beta is over. We will of course keep working on the mod until a final ESF version has been released! If you have been checking out the news lately on either or, you should have noticed that we have added a new news every day on the front page for 9 days long. With features and changes that will be within the Open Beta Final.
This update will be the final version of the Open Beta. This update will feature all 11 characters, and new attacks.
Some of the new attacks and features that will be included in this update are:
Beam Targeting
Body Swap
Charge Swoop
Beam Heads
New Stoop Button
Kame Torpedos
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