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File details: Kid Buu ~ ESF OB -> ESF 1.2.x
Added: 15.Dec.2019
2.14 MB
You can now use the Kid Buu from ESF Open Beta Final in ESF 1.2.x INSTALLATION: To use, replace contents of your own 'esf' folder with this 'esf' folder. This will replace 'evilbuu' model and sounds. OR Replace the Buu model you wish to change with the kidbuu.mdl and change filename accordingly. *** Always backup your original files *** KNOWN ISSUES - Throw animations are buggy Made with permission in 2008 by KYnetiK Re-uploaded due to dead links CREDITS Mesh & Skin : Enix Original Animations : Darktooth Adv Melee Animations : KYnetiK Sound Pack: ECX rc2 Bigpack - .core Team
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