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Downoads - Frieza
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"simply, a edit of Frieza Form2, into Form3,thx 2 shijjing and solidus who found out y it wasnt compiling and fixed it, also solidus corrected the skeleton. thanks for that!"
Added 07.Sep.09
612.39 KB
He released his 100% Frieza Model for the Communty to finish the Model ( skinning + assigning :) ) If you edited/skinned and released the model leave a place for his credits :]
Added 07.Sep.09
528.43 KB
Author: Nuttzy , shjing
Added 07.Sep.09
713.13 KB
These are the orginal ESF Beta 1.2.x models
Added 07.Sep.09
1.73 MB
This Pack includes a Frieza Form 4 and a Frieza 100%
Added 07.Sep.09
1.87 MB