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Downoads - Other Models
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This is a model of Pikkon from the Dragonball Z Series Son-Goku fight VS him in Heaven on a Tournament
Added 07.Sep.09
3.07 MB
Goten-son - Shenlong Reskin
Added 07.Sep.09
115.19 KB
Darksun Aura
Added 07.Sep.09
197.74 KB
Kurai-Domi: I took Darksunīs Aura and animated it. Its not a big thing but better than standing still. I hope you like it^^
Added 07.Sep.09
198.72 KB
Author: Darkone Contents of pack: normal aura SS aura ss2 aura ss3 aura SS Vegetto Aura kinGkAi fist x20 aura
Added 07.Sep.09
2.15 MB
DarkClaw: Alot better charge thats fit to EVM aura :) plus fixed the bug that cell had Yellow aura. Looks best with white and purple. enjoy.
Added 07.Sep.09
100.53 KB
Author: Crackerjack That's a Gotenks Pack with Gotenks Normal form and Super Saiyan 1
Added 07.Sep.09
1.87 MB
Author: ESF Team , Brollman That's a Vegetto model from the Dragonball Z Series ( Buu Saga ) You can transform to Super Saiyajin Vegetto
Added 07.Sep.09
356.92 KB
Author: ESF Team, Dark-Domi, MSF, SuperTomcat This is a Model pack for ESF in Cell Shadin Style....Dl it and like it ^^
Added 07.Sep.09
9.23 MB
Author: ESF Team , JoeJustJoe JoeJustJoe: In The screenshot it looks bad but when ur playing its pretty good.
Added 07.Sep.09
654.35 KB