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Downoads - Vegeta
3 Files in this Category
Buu Saga Vegeta - ESF 1.3 Feb 05 Credits: Model - Eclipse Skin - Ravenblade Minor skin changes - SV Skeleton & Animations - DarktoothDKD
Added 07.Sep.09
1 MB
Majin Vegeta for esf 1.3*Credits:-Original model & animations: ESF Team-Edits: DarkLink...and DJ-Ready for the ESF logo
Updated 01.Apr.19
1.24 MB
Bebi Vegeta for esf 1.3 by DBZhell Credits: Eclipse,Raven Blade, DBZhell ( me :D) , DJ-Ready (for the ESF logo)
Added 07.Sep.09
717.59 KB