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Downoads - Deathball
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Its a Deathball with spinning animation and glowing aura effect :D really good quality yo :P pretty good to be my first sprite
Added 07.Sep.09
1.44 MB
Thats Deathball sprite.was just screwing with some effects, wanted a fiery effect... eh I thought it looked kinda cool as it was, figured, i'd release this before I butchered it.
Added 07.Sep.09
233.83 KB
Thats Deathball sprite.
Added 07.Sep.09
192.66 KB
A fire deathball
Added 07.Sep.09
43.73 KB
skizer was spriter of EVM and now he is back :-) he made this really great deathball and send it directly per ICQ to me and i had a little bit time so uploaded it :-)
Added 07.Sep.09
882.85 KB
Andriusa2 made a new Deathball Sprite for ESF
Added 07.Sep.09
271.64 KB
These sprites take place of the special beam cannon for piccol. Made to go with Omega Shenron sound pack and kreshi shenron model
Added 07.Sep.09
44.59 KB
This is a multi collered ball that takes place of the big bang attack. It is made to go with baby vegeta sound pack and bebi vegeta model.
Added 07.Sep.09
32.19 KB
DarkVegeta: This sprites replaces the deathball. there is a non-animated and an animated version, in the pic it looks like you can see through it, but that depends on the map you're using. have a
Added 07.Sep.09
56.56 KB
A new deathball sprite
Added 07.Sep.09
890 KB
new deathball like the sun
Added 07.Sep.09
100.65 KB
my first well made animated sprite the deathball
Added 07.Sep.09
33.92 KB
A larger Deathball
Added 07.Sep.09
20.29 KB
A red deathball
Added 07.Sep.09
100.23 KB