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Downoads - Miscellaneous
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harsens - alpha 2.0 Code
Added 13.Dec.09
1.99 MB
Cole - Class Picture Pack
Added 13.Dec.09
853.54 KB
guru.wad, namek.wad
Updated 19.Dec.09
1.52 MB
ESF 1.1 splash screen for the main menu.
Added 07.Sep.09
450.23 KB
This is basically a server tool, which has everything that you would want to do with ESF, whether its on the server side or the client side.
Added 07.Sep.09
490.78 KB
This Bloodpatch includes a decals.wad (bloodspurts on the ground), new bloody slice models and follow new sounds:
Added 07.Sep.09
3.78 MB
Here the Texture file "sdbzwad.wad" file which is needed for some maps
Added 07.Sep.09
5.52 MB
After installation you will have the esf - icon in the steam games menu. Just like all the other valve games( HL/HL2/DOD/ect. )
Added 07.Sep.09
74.57 KB
ESF Alpha ( 2.0 ) fmod.dll For all of you having the client dll error ... if you are using ESF BETA, get your hl updated to If you are using ESF ALPHA, get the old version of the fmod.dll
Added 07.Sep.09
105.47 KB
A german translation of the ESF titles
Added 07.Sep.09
3.04 KB
--- New ESF background by DarkLink --- Just put the resource folder in half-life/esf or half-life/esf_openbeta (replace the folder) and enjoy ;) !
Added 07.Sep.09
786.54 KB
This is ESF Steam Pack V2.0 made by CS-LAND. This pack is for ESF Steam and it will add/fix the following features/bugs:
Added 07.Sep.09
1.55 MB
CS Land - ESF Cell Day Detail Textures
Added 07.Sep.09
48.26 KB
Alucard: New fun titles
Added 07.Sep.09
29.69 KB