Terms of Service

Gamers Desire strives to provide its users with services and information that facilitate the discussion and distribution of user-submitted video game modifications ("mods") and other video game related digital media. To that end, this document establishes various acknowledgements, entitlements, and restrictions in regards to the usage of Gamers Desire websites, content, systems, and software. Gamers Desire reserves the right to discontinue providing any or all of these services, as well as cease any form of communications, to any user or organisation and for any reason and at any time.

Changes to Policies and Services

We reserve the right to change this document, as well as our various policies and guidelines, at any time. By continuing to use the service, you automatically agree to any revisions of these terms.

Gamers Desire reserves the right to reconfigure its offerings and organisation and may choose to do so at any time. This includes but is not limited to our services, website designs, advertising programs and partnerships, as well as staff related and/or administrative restructuring.

General Usage of Websites and Services

By accessing Gamers Desire services, you hereby represent that you are aged 18 or older, or that you are aged 13 or older and do so with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

You will use Gamers Desire services reasonably and as intended. You may not display, duplicate, dismantle, reverse engineer, circumvent, or repurpose any property or service owned or operated by Gamers Desire without consent. You will not intentionally harm, disparage, or in any way disrupt the operation of Gamers Desire websites, systems, property, or staff. You view and use all content at your own risk. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any content presented. User-submitted content expresses the views of the author, not necessarily the views of any staff at Gamers Desire.

In the interest of upholding our community standards when it comes to etiquette, we ask you to abstain from interacting with user-submitted content that you do not find to your liking, rather than engaging in active disparagement of content you disapprove of.

Fair Use Policy

Attempting to download files or otherwise record data offered through our services (including but not limited to the Gamers Desire website) in a fashion that drastically exceeds the expected average, through the use of software automation or otherwise, is prohibited without expressed permission. Users found in violation of this policy will be banned.

Anti-Piracy Policy

We have a strict anti-piracy policy and will take proactive action against anyone whose on-site activity gives us reasonable grounds to believe they are using pirated content such as, but not limited to, games and software. Discussing, promoting or distributing such content on our sites will be met with administrative action.

User-submitted Content

User-submitted content includes all data submitted to our services by a Gamers Desire user. Gamers Desire does not claim any ownership of your content. By submitting content to our services, you are granting an infinite, non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license for Gamers Desire to store, distribute, copy or reproduce, edit, translate, reformat, publicly display, or perform the submitted content, at our discretion.

All user-submitted content is provided for personal use. You are not entitled to redistribute, repackage, sell, or otherwise distribute content without express permission from the associated content owner(s), and/or other invested parties, when applicable. For more information, refer to any applicable documentation included or associated with the file.

By submitting content to our services, you understand that your content is subject to review which can result in administrative actions as described in our File Moderation Policy. Additionally, you understand that we reserve the right to remove any content with or without reason at our discretion.

Given the volume of user-submitted content on our services, we rely on community reports and reactive moderation when it comes to upholding our various rules and guidelines. The mere existence of a file violating our rules on our services does not imply our approval of, or indifference to said file. As such, user-submitted content which is found to be in violation of our standards is not excusable based on the existence of other, similar submissions.

File Moderationt

Files may be placed in moderation for any reason deemed appropriate by staff including but not limited to permission disputes, review for inappropriate content, copyright or trademark violations. Additionally, user-submitted files that do not pass security checks such as virus scans will be systematically placed in moderation to be reviewed by staff.

Files that have been placed in moderation are effectively hidden from public view while remaining on our services, allowing staff to investigate and identify any content that may violate our policies and guidelines. While a file is in moderation, the uploader will be unable to upload or edit the file page unless explicitly specified by staff.

Staff may inform the uploader of the file in question of the reason for why it has been placed in moderation. Users who have one or several files placed in moderation are encouraged to provide staff with pertinent information, evidence, screenshots etc. that may assist staff during the investigation process.

Moderation may be lifted from files in circumstances where the file in question is deemed acceptable for distribution on our websites and services. However, if the file is found to be in violation of our policies or guidelines, it may be removed permanently and the uploader might receive a notice, warning, or ban as described above - at the discretion of staff.

Prohibited and Illicit Content

Content deemed illegal by German law, including but not limited to pornographic depictions of sexual violence, indecent depictions of minors, bestiality, necrophilia, etc., is strictly prohibited and will result in administrative action and when appropriate, notification to the proper authorities.

Limitation of Liability

Gamers Desire is not liable for any damages incurred through the use of its services, including that which may be associated with the user-submitted content. You agree that any use of user-submitted content or modifications made to your property is done at your own risk.

By submitting content to our services, you accept full responsibility for and absolve Gamers Desire of any liabilities associated with your submitted content, including any potential damages it may incur to anyone's property or well-being, directly or indirectly.

Gamers Desire is not responsible for any charges or fees incurred by any third-party service provider(s) that may result from the use of our services.

All Gamers Desire services are provided as-is. Though we attempt to ensure that our services are consistent and functional, we do not guarantee service for any length of time or any measure of quality.

Last updated on April 4. 2019